Sponsorship relates the brand of the sponsor, company or product, with a media space, a cultural event, etc. And society typically projects the positive qualities of events into the sponsoring brand or product. It is a form of presence that neither consumes the viewer nor bothers them. It reinforces the company’s social value by showing its concern and support for certain activities, and enables the brand to be shown by the media on more occasions than simply by advertising.

Item file reference: 2695-6411 / V1-1

Cover example of The Bible of AI publication

Item file reference: 2695-6411 / V1-1


  • Top module of the main page (cover). Url: https://editorialia.com/. At the beginning of the publications. Inserted between the text “Research & Education proposals” and the panel of “Quick links”. Location: main box for publications, left side, 2/3 screen size on normal PCs and 100% on mobile phones with stackable technology. Recommended embedded video and image sizes: 580 x 100 pixels (width x height). Maximum recommended file size: 128 Kbytes. Supported formats: Jpg, Png, Eps, Tif and Svg (preferably Jpg).
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Description of sponsorship

  1. The sponsor can choose the type of ad to be inserted: an image with a link to a web page, or a corporate video of the entity, or also a text banner with an associated link.
  2. Economic value of sponsorship: consult our policy to become a sponsor or with an authorized Trade Agent, please.
  3. Sponsorship Availability Dates: if you have no interest on a certain date, sponsorships will be sequential in order of application. Otherwise, contact with us or an authorized Trade Agent, please.

Distribution of income obtained in this item

  • 50% to the research programs described here.
  • 40% to workers and associated labor personnel.
  • 10% Accounting and administrative administration expenses, and activities management.
  • Benefits: no business benefits are foreseen, all proceeds will be used in social and research projects, as well as the protection of workers, and activities of education and research in the field of Artificial Intelligence.